NAMM 2020 New Models

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Innovative. Authentic. Exhilirating.

Casio proudly introduces four new instruments in the CELVIANO family of pianos.

Under the Lid (GP models only)

Just as the most desirable luxury automobiles must impress with both aesthetics and performance, the beautiful Grand Hybrid and AP-710 models impress with their effortless ability to fill a room with the rich, detailed sound of a world-class grand piano. Now, the six-speaker Grand Acoustic System has become even more powerful, with larger drivers making even more effective use of the powerful built-in amplifiers.

The newly-enhanced speaker system reproduces deeper, richer bass tones while enhancing the clarity of midrange and treble frequencies. When the volume is adjusted, each speaker is automatically optimized to strike the perfect balance you'd expect from a meticulously maintained grand piano.

A Touch of Perfection (GP models only)

As always, Celviano Grand Hybrid Pianos feature full-length Austrian Spruce piano keys, using the same materials and processes as those in C. Bechstein grand pianos. The new GP-510 and GP-310 models feature an enhanced touch response algorithm that allows for an even more accurate response. Players will feel enhanced controllability with a softer touch, enabling flawless expression of the most subtle of performances.

Seeing Is Believing (GP models only)

The high-contrast display on your Grand Hybrid features an inverted color scheme, allowing for easier reading from further distances and wider angles. The overall brightness is now focused on the text, leaving the rest of the display darker so you can focus on your performance.

A Soft Spot (GP models only)

The all-important soft pedal is essential for accurate dynamics, not only in volume, but in tone. The new GP-510 and GP-310 improve the effect of the soft pedal by adjusting the changes in both volume and tonal color based on the strength you use to strike the keys while the pedal is pressed.


A newly-enhanced harpsichord Tone has been added to all new models, including the distinctive "key-off" sound that occurs when lifting your fingers from the keys.

Striking a Balance

A longtime favorite feature for classical players, Concert Play gives you a starring role playing with a symphony orchestra. Now, you can fine-tune the volume of your piano part, ensuring you are right where you want to be in the mix. This adjustment is also available while playing along with the built-in Song library.

Lingering Luxury

One of the hallmarks of Grand Hybrid and AP-700 Pianos is the feeling of owning three of the world's most legendary grand pianos, dubbed Berlin, Hamburg, and Vienna. The new GP-510, GP-310 and AP-710 models enhance the sound of these sought-after instruments with longer, more natural decay, ensuring each sustained note tells as complete a story as you intend.

The Freedom of Choice

New equalization options allow greater flexibility for recording and large-scale performance. Now, you can choose to either maintain the pure sound of the sixspeaker Grand Acoustic System when connecting to the line outputs or headphone outputs, or to hear the sound from the speakers exactly as it's being delivered to the line outputs - Minus the equalization that optimizes the sound for the Grand Acoustic System. You can also choose to disable the speaker system entirely, even without headphones connected. This solution is ideal for music labs or other educational settings, where the line outputs are used to connect to student headphone interfaces.