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MIDI Designer

MIDI Designer XW (MDXW) is the official MIDI controller for the XW Solo Synth. This groundbreaking, six-oscillator, monophonic solo synth is an innovative, digital hybrid sound engine available in all Casio XW keyboards. Total and direct control of the Solo Synth, both for live performance and sound creation, is just a touch away with MDXW.

MIDI Designer is easy to use, infinitely flexible and customizable, and battle-tested in performance. It’s the most-respected MIDI controller for iPad iOS.


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Realism, Expression and Touch

Designed with electronic music in mind, the XW-series is comprised of powerful synthesizers, flexible controllers, and other essential gear.

Turn Up Your Noise

Generate the future of music or give a nod to the past, using a combination of forward-thinking and classic analog-style sounds.


Connect to your favorite devices and software to expand your possibilities even further.

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