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The perfect start of a musical journey

Mini keys perfectly sized for mini hands

Endless exploration with 100 Tones, 50 Rhythms, and 10 Songs


Rugged, lightweight and portable, with carrying handle and battery power

Built-in speakers and headphone output for quiet play

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More than just a toy - ultimately small children will have lots of fun playing the 32 keys right from the start. The SA-46 and SA-47 mini keyboards come with a new sound source and 8-note polyphony. It includes 100 tones and 50 rhythms. This is also revealed by the LCD display: the SA-46 and SA-47 are serious playmates! Another highlight is the simple change-over switch: on the SA-46 for switching between the piano and organ sound, and on the SA-47 for switching between the piano and reed organ/organ sound. Both instruments have a cool retro design - on the SA-46 the design combines with a bright greenish yellow and on the SA-47 with a slick grey.

  • 32 Mini-Size Keys
  • Built-In Grip for Easy Portability